Post: The idea

On April 25th I started formulating an idea. Just an idea. Actually April 25th is today. I’m writing this as the ideas keep coming and taking shape in my mind.

A Street Party, or Street Meet (hence the domain name is not something new. Back in 1919 after the first world war, street parties took place as a celebration of peace.

Perhaps something similar could be done here, right outside my house on Waterloo Street, Plymouth. Maybe it could even be a ‘thing’ around the country?

Anyway, back on topic, Could something be organised where three goals are achieved?

Those three goals being:

  1. Bringing the local community together somewhat.
  2. Raising money for charities that need it in relation to what we have been battling (Coronavirus and the disease COVID-19)
  3. A celebration. A time to have fun, be happy and enjoy ourselves with others


A closer community sounds like a lovely ideal, but is it possible? These days, life has become less a local community thing as we go about our busy home to work, work to home, home to shops lives.

Raising money

Raise money for charities related to health and care. The theme would be local and supporting the community, so raising money for a charity local to where we live seems sensible.


Why not celebrate overcoming a crisis such as Coronavirus? Why go back to the humdrum life we had before? Let’s celebrate, get to know our neighbours and have fun.

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