The Wellington & Waterloo ‘Street Meet’ 2022

What is it? Just an idea right now!

It’s about three things: – One, to bring the community closer together, to become aware of our neighbours, who they are and what they do and need.

It’s also about raising money for a worthwhile cause. One that is associated closely with the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Last, but not least, it’s a celebration of our victory against the Coronavirus

Strengthening the Community

Sharing our life experiences, talking to others about what we do, listening to people’s stories of their lives and sometimes struggles. We should learn about our neighbours, what they are good at and maybe what they are not good at!

All in all, I wonder if we can build a strong community that can support each other and enjoy life together.

What will be the new ‘normal’ when Coronavirus is defeated? I think that we could become a more local community, less mid to long-distance travel and a more local-biased help system of care, property maintenance, shopping, and so on.

What better place to do that than here in Plymouth?

Raising Money for a Fantastic Cause

What cause could we raise money for? This is up for discussion (see the Facebook Group)

A Celebration

Let’s celebrate getting through this crisis. Perhaps, we are also mourning those lost, but now let us face the future with a celebration and happy event.


This is currently an unknown. As I write this in April 2020, there are restrictions on what we can do. Social Distancing is in place and groups of more than three people are not allowed to be together.

We will update the Facebook Page and website as this idea progresses.


The idea is to have a street party where the roads are blocked, trestle tables line the centre of the streets with food and drink. Everyone in the two streets can chat and mingle with anyone, get to know them and have a better understanding of everyone attending.

I’d like to see musicians playing music, face paints for the children (and child-like adults!), quieter areas for sitting and chatting and games for all ages. I’m sure there are a lot more ideas than just this one!


We would need to speak to the council about road closures and of course wait until government guidance allows such an event.

I see this as an afternoon/early evening event with a couple of possibilities:

  1. To take place on a weekend day from around 2pm through to 6pm
  2. To take place on a Thursday mid-afternoon (4pm) and to end at 8pm with a Clap for Carers.


Perhaps you’d like to get involved in the organising? We might need to speak to the media, print off letters and hand deliver, that kind of thing. There could be quite a bit of work involved to make it happen.

In any case, there is this Facebook Group where we can all discuss and plan the whole event.

If it’s not an idea that everyone likes or thinks could work, then no problem! Thank you for reading anyway.

Get in touch by either emailing me (Jonathan), or request to join the Facebook Group (and Like the Facebook Page)